How to Make Money through Online Writing

Being able to write and earn money can be very rewarding. The Internet is a marketplace where great writers meet great brands and clients. If you are creative, have a good command of languages, and you count yourself a researcher, then you might be sitting on your talent. Are you looking for content writing websites so that you can start earning money online? There are many freelance writing jobs that give you the opportunity to work from home. Before venturing into tow truck services, I make my first income through writing.

You can make money working as a freelance writer. Every day, companies are looking for a good writer to write for them. With writing, you can a decent amount of income within few weeks after starting as long as you know what you are doing. Regardless of if you are a new or already established writer, the writing market is always in need of new skills and approach to those who are ready to learn and implement.

Resources you Need to Start Online Writing.

Writing is an investment and just like any other business, you need to have the tools necessary for this business. Here are the primary resources you need to get started.

  • Laptop, Mac book or a full computing system.
  • Online Money Wallet Account. These can be PayPal, Money Brokers among others.
  • Working email address to communicate to clients via mailing system
  • Relevant Writing Software such as Microsoft Word, Grammarly, Turnitin among others.
  • Skype address to contact clients in real time
  • Internet connection and Working Space.

How to Become a Successful Content Writer

Writing is a dream job, but it’s not for everyone. To become a successful content writer, you must master different writing styles. Understand how news copies are written, how blogging is done, how ads and sales copies are written and how product descriptions are presented. Successful content writers don’t pick random subjects.

As a writer, you need to understand your audience, perform keyword research, craft snappy titles and write compelling content. Always be original and back facts with sources. You need to understand the needs of your clients. Communication must be kept formal and within the guidelines of work. Lateness is never an option, as you need to work tooth and nail to beat deadlines.

There are several good places to kick off your writing task. If you love writing but also like the administrative part of publishing, you can become an editorial assistant. Some of the best paying and reputable sites to start of your writing career include;

  • Fiver
  • UpWork
  • iWriter
  • TextBroker

If you want to work from the comfort of your home, online writing is still one of the best ways. As a freelance writer, you should be able to make money writing online because there is an immense demand for excellent content. However, you need to have patience and do a better research as you grow your experience. If you grow your writing experience and client base, you can become a full-time blogger or start your writing website. With a website, you can attend to customers more efficiently. Finding high-paying freelance writing jobs may take time and effort especially if you are a newbie to the industry.

Best Affiliate Programs in 2018

incomeIf you have a website up and running, the next step you should consider is to monetize it. We all want to earn without working, and the best way to go about it is through passive income. Are you considering expanding the potential of your site’s profit by diversifying your affiliate networks? There are different affiliate commissions each of them having different attractive features that cater to your needs as an affiliate marketer. When choosing a program, you should consider what matters most for your business. If you have a website such as a, you should look to reward charter services.

Here we have picked some of the best performing affiliate networks that you should consider for your business.


ShareASale is a major affiliate network that has been around for more than 18 years. It has more than 3900 merchants spread across various product categories. These categories give affiliates a broad range of depth when it comes to what they should include in their websites. ShareASale is well known for its honesty, quality customer service as well as transparency. It is a trusted name in the world of affiliate marketing, and an excellent option for those looking forward to earning passively from affiliate marketing.


Clickbank is one of the leading affiliate networks with a customer base of more than 200 million customers. Its affiliate network features a variety of products across different categories. It is simple for anyone to get started as anyone can create an account with them. There are no signup fees, and this is what makes it great for starters. The pros of Clickbank is that it attracts free registration and a high commission rate. The cons about the program are that it draws low-quality ebooks and allows only digital products.

CJ Affiliate

The CJ Affiliate is a popular affiliate marketing program that has a global reach. It was formerly known as commission junction before changing its name to CJ Affiliate.  The affiliate features a widget on products that gets embedded on your site and can also include multiple products that appear via a slideshow, a grid or a collage, all aimed at increasing sales. There is additional functionality which included deep link automation and also automatically monetizing links all leading to the CJ advertiser domain. The stumbling block when it comes to CJ Affiliate is the application process. First, the company must investigate your site thoroughly to see if it is fit for them or not.

Amazon Associates

Just about everyone using affiliate marketing knows what Amazon Associates is. As an affiliate marketer, it makes much sense to stick to Amazon Associates because of the leading nature of Amazon an eCommerce platform. Amazon sells just about anything, and you can become an affiliate of almost any product. You get an opportunity to get commissions on specific products you decide to market. These days, making huge sales on Amazon Associates is a bit hard, because of the reduced commissions on many affiliate products. Pros of Amazon Associates include an easy application process and acceptance, as well as an extensive catalog of products. The main con is low commissions on most categories.

Best Ways to Monetize Your Website

google adsenseThe growth of the internet and technology has enabled the development of many user-friendly platforms that help users to create websites and blogs in the shortest time possible. Building a site such as takes only a few hours, due to the advances we have seen in content management systems. When making these websites, people have different goals in mind. Most of the people who start a website do so for two primary purposes; either out of fun, or they are looking for new ways generate some income from these sites.

Depending on your website niche, traffic volume, target audience and visitor behavior, there are a couple of advertising and monetization options you can use. To start generating revenue from your blog, here are some of the best ways you can employ;

Google AdSense

AdSense is Google’s advertising platform set for publishers. This program shows ads that are very effective and relevant to your website’s content and pays you a certain percentage of revenue each time a click occurs. An example is; if your site is about travel, you can show ads about travel agents, airlines among others. Placing an ad is done by putting your HTML code on your website where you want the ads to be displayed. Ads that are related to your content are presented, and google uses a real-time algorithm to ensure that highest paying ads are shown. Because of the simplicity of this program, it is among the most popular for website owners.


Infolink is an advertising program that places in-text ads within the content of your website and pays you each time these links get clicked. The software uses your most relevant keywords within the content of your site and double underlines these keywords. When a visitor hovers their mouse over them, an advertisement related to the keyword pops up, they may decide to click to learn more, and if they do so, you get compensated.  With infolinks, you can customize the look and frequency of the text ads.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing presents a handy way to monetize your website. With affiliate marketing, you give your visitors with offers that they are highly likely interested in. An example is if you have a blog about personal finance. You would look for affiliate programs associated with finance such as credit card offers. You then place banners or text ads on your website with affiliate links directing the visitors to these offers. You get compensated for any affiliate referrals you make. When going for affiliate marketing, you can opt for cost per action or cost per sale.

Sell your Digital Products.

You can create and sell your digital products if you have a website. Selling digital products can be a excellent monetization program for those who have a niche specific site that attracts a large volume of traffic. With digital products, you sell something concrete to your visitors and retain a hundred percent of revenue. A key thing to note though, when you sell your digital products, you have to take care of customer satisfaction. This is as compared to affiliate offers where you don’t have to worry about customer service and other issues that may arise after a sale.