Simple Customer Service Support Metrics You Need to Observe

Today, customer service actively impacts every aspect of a business, and it’s what sets towing service businesses way ahead of the competition. Customer service and support touch almost every aspect of a company, be it products, services, marketing, sales, and customers. It is important you have in place metrics to measure your customer service performance and support efforts.

Here are some important metrics you need to have in place to measure the level of customer service you deliver to your customers and prospects.

Average Ticket Count

Your average ticket count measures the average number of customer service or support tickets your team receives. You can measure these metrics daily, weekly or within a span you set. While most tickets can be a confirmation that your customer service system is accessible and working, it is actually an indication that customers are having frequent issues, and that your product or service may be falling short. To improve on your average ticket count, ensure you communicate your customer feedback to your product and marketing teams so that they can have an understanding of what they are dealing with.

Ticket Backlog

Your ticket backlog is a measure of how many unresolved tickets are waiting to be handled by your customer service team. This metric can be measured on a daily or weekly basis. Whatever constitutes the backlog is subjective. However, once you make a decision on your response time as well as resolution time goals, any unresolved tickets that last beyond your benchmarks will be considered backlogged. Speed is one of the most important metrics in customer service and will be critical if you need to provide a positive customer experience.

First Response Time

Your first response time is a measure of how long a member of your customer service team makes a response to a new ticket or inquiry. Essentially, it’s how long a customer has to wait before they are helped. In customer service, speed is not everything, but it will surely provide a positive and enjoyable customer experience. Today, customers expect speedy and effective replies within the shortest time possible. To improve on your first response time, ensure there is nothing holding your team back from opening new tickets and sending initial responses.

First contact resolution rate

The first contact resolution rate is a measure of the rate of tickets that are resolved by your team’s first response to a customer inquiry. This is a very important metric as it’s an indication of how clearly and efficiently your team communicates and how much information you ask your customers to share when they first reach out. Not every business will be eligible for first contact resolution, doesn’t have to apply to every business. This is so especially if a customer makes a mistake and your team has to consult with the product or other teams.

Another important metric you can keep track of is average response time. This metric tracks how long it takes for your customer service team to respond to a conversation after opening a ticket. It measures how quickly your customers are being helped and how quickly each ticket can be resolved.

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