Best Ways to Monetize Your Website

google adsenseThe growth of the internet and technology has enabled the development of many user-friendly platforms that help users to create websites and blogs in the shortest time possible. Building a site such as takes only a few hours, due to the advances we have seen in content management systems. When making these websites, people have different goals in mind. Most of the people who start a website do so for two primary purposes; either out of fun, or they are looking for new ways generate some income from these sites.

Depending on your website niche, traffic volume, target audience and visitor behavior, there are a couple of advertising and monetization options you can use. To start generating revenue from your blog, here are some of the best ways you can employ;

Google AdSense

AdSense is Google’s advertising platform set for publishers. This program shows ads that are very effective and relevant to your website’s content and pays you a certain percentage of revenue each time a click occurs. An example is; if your site is about travel, you can show ads about travel agents, airlines among others. Placing an ad is done by putting your HTML code on your website where you want the ads to be displayed. Ads that are related to your content are presented, and google uses a real-time algorithm to ensure that highest paying ads are shown. Because of the simplicity of this program, it is among the most popular for website owners.


Infolink is an advertising program that places in-text ads within the content of your website and pays you each time these links get clicked. The software uses your most relevant keywords within the content of your site and double underlines these keywords. When a visitor hovers their mouse over them, an advertisement related to the keyword pops up, they may decide to click to learn more, and if they do so, you get compensated.  With infolinks, you can customize the look and frequency of the text ads.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing presents a handy way to monetize your website. With affiliate marketing, you give your visitors with offers that they are highly likely interested in. An example is if you have a blog about personal finance. You would look for affiliate programs associated with finance such as credit card offers. You then place banners or text ads on your website with affiliate links directing the visitors to these offers. You get compensated for any affiliate referrals you make. When going for affiliate marketing, you can opt for cost per action or cost per sale.

Sell your Digital Products.

You can create and sell your digital products if you have a website. Selling digital products can be a excellent monetization program for those who have a niche specific site that attracts a large volume of traffic. With digital products, you sell something concrete to your visitors and retain a hundred percent of revenue. A key thing to note though, when you sell your digital products, you have to take care of customer satisfaction. This is as compared to affiliate offers where you don’t have to worry about customer service and other issues that may arise after a sale.










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