Top Reasons to Develop Your Site with WordPress

wordpressBuilding a professional website is, by definition, an enormous task. The last thing you would want to get is a non-pleasant result. For the non-tech buddies, words such as WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Wix and the rest are Greek to them. If you are wondering which is the best platform out there to develop your website, then you have come to the right place, and the answer is straight away; WordPress

WordPress is a highly favored blogging platform whose capabilities are far-fetched. Content creators, writers and bloggers alike have tremendous admiration for WordPress, for obvious reasons we are going to explore in this article. WordPress contains excellent backend qualities and fully functional content management features that make the platform stand out from the rest. Here are exciting reasons you should be developing your sites with WordPress today;

Free and Open Source

As any developer out there; they all love open source software. Both and are free to use for anyone. Though there is a difference between the two regarding hosting and the kind of control you have on the site, they are all completely free. When we say it is open source, it means that it has been constituted out of the collective development of various contributors.  Open source systems are free and characterized by large communities. Although WordPress is free, you will spend some money on hosting and other related enhancements.

Easy Installation

wordpress devToday’s hosts have included WordPress to enable a one-click installation button that automatically runs WordPress. When you want to install WordPress, you don’t have to manage files or upload them through an FTP connection. After you have installed WordPress and in case you need to carry some updates, you don’t have to go back to the installation page to carry out the same. WordPress lets you carry out automatic updates via the dashboard.

Adaptation and Flexibility

One of the most common misconceptions out there is that WordPress is a blogging platform. That is a huge lie. WordPress was initially developed as a blogging platform, but with time, a lot of enhancements and modifications have occurred. Though WordPress provides one of the cleanest and fastest ways to write and publish blogs, you can also do much more. Functionalities that you can achieve with WordPress include creating blogs, business websites, forums, portfolio, forums, chatroom, galleries, job boards, and business directories, rating websites, e-commerce sites, membership sites and much more.

Support and Community

It is easy to learn WordPress thanks to its large community. As an open source software, WordPress is free for use by everyone. The user base is not limited to anything be it subscription or skill level. There are many things you can learn about WordPress, and in case you get stuck, there is a willing community to help you out. Besides the community, there is official support from WordPress. You can pay some extra money if you need dedicated support to help you with any problem. WordPress also has some quick development questions already answered. To enhance the functionality of your WordPress site, you can install plugins which are all readily available for free.





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