How to Choose Fonts for Your Website

Google fontsWhen it comes to designing a stunning website, there are a lot of things to put into focus. You have to balance between the content you write, the background images among other aspects. Besides these aspects, there is something that is mostly overlooked, and that is the fonts.

The typography of a website has a lot of information to communicate. It evokes more than just words. The biggest problem most people face is a failure to understand the best typefaces that fit their brand. As far as typography is concerned, here are the most important details you need to look at.

Start with the Fundamentals

Working with web fonts relates to just like any other typography project. When choosing fonts, start with the fundamentals. Observe aspects such as kerning, tracking and leading. These are aspects that relate to the amount of text surrounding fonts.  Kerning refers to the space between pairs of letters. When we talk about tracking, it is compared to the space in between group dos characters. As far as leading is concerned, it refers to the amount of space between lines of text.


website designWhen choosing fonts, readability is an important issue to consider. The number of characters per line determines readability. Consider the size of the screen where the text will appear and choose a font that is easy to read. Observe aspects such as alignment and justification.



As a general rule, designers set their body at the very least to be 12px. However, that is not always what should be the case. You can choose a larger size such as 14px, which is even better for readability. The size you want will also determine how big your titles will be. A title should be as big as it needs to, meaning that you should try different sizes until you settle down on one.


Think about load time

If your font doesn’t load quickly, you are going to fall into problems. Users have zero patience for slow websites so seek an alternative font that makes your site load quicker. When selecting a typeface, consider testing its speed. Majority of typefaces will help you with this service including Google.


Consider Compatibility

One of the things that make web typography to be confusing is that web browsers are in constant change due to upgrades. You will always want to choose a font that complements with the modern web interface on both desktop and mobile devices. When you select a typeface, you might want to test it across multiple devices to find one that works seamlessly.

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